Antenatal courses

  • Intended for August / September/ early October due dates.

    Starts Jun 12

    180 British pounds
  • 6 week, unique blend of pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing & antenatal chat

    Starts Jun 5

    60 British pounds
  • Best suited to late August/September due dates.

    Starts Jul 30

    129 British pounds
  • Intended for late October / November & early December due dates.

    Starts Sep 11

    180 British pounds
  • An online antenatal breastfeeding workshop (partners included)


    2 hr

    40 British pounds
  • A unique course built to your specification and delivered just for you

    8 hr

    250 British pounds
  • Intended for Late December/ January & February due dates.

    Starts Nov 6

    180 British pounds

Held at 1st St Neots scout hut, Bedford street, St Neots

Our St Neots based couples antenatal course is realistic and upfront, science based and practical. We cover everything from stages of labour to how to care for your newborn.

Mother wit and movement is our pregnant person only class offering pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing alongside basic antenatal education at an affordable price. We build on your existing antenatal knowledge and focus on deep relaxation techniques to help you cope with whatever path your birth may take.

If you wish to complete our stand alone HypnoBirthing session, you must have completed a full antenatal course first. If you have completed an antenatal course with an alternative provider such as the NCT please get in touch to discuss, as we may still be able to accommodate you.