Image by Jonathan Borba

Nikki Feller

FEDANT register entry number: 13211

I'm Nikki, founder of The Good Sense antenatal and baby classes covering St Neots and surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire.


I have 4 children and I think its fair to say I had a tricky start to motherhood. As a first time mum I didn't know my birth choices or rights in labour. I suffered with post natal depression and felt completely alone despite having a wonderfully supportive family.


I needed somewhere I knew the names of familiar faces, where their babies were in similar stages and where it wasn't completely overwhelming for me or my baby, I simply couldn't find it. 

 All too often the paramount importance of antenatal preparation is superseded by the need to create a support network. At The Good Sense we recognise that this shouldn't be an ultimatum. The continuity of care that we offer allows bonds to be built slowly through pregnancy and into age appropriate classes, with tears, laughter, caffeine and cake without sacrificing high quality, unbiased birth and baby care education.


The Good Sense antenatal and baby classes encompass all that I couldn't find on my early motherhood journey. I truly hope that your road is a little less lonely with Good Sense on your side.   

Our Philosophy

At The Good Sense antenatal classes are relaxed and informal. We don't tell you how you 'should' deliver your baby or how best to parent. The Good Sense courses teach you the science behind labour, the choices available to you and how to manage the unpredictable nature that is birth. The aim of all of our courses is to provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.  Our classes are affordable, accessible and inclusive, because high quality, up to date and judgement free antenatal education should be available to all.

Our support, care and education doesn't stop once your baby is born. The Good Sense baby classes are carefully developed to grow with your child. From new born know how to toddler taming we know the importance of age appropriate classes. 


Our group numbers are kept small and this means there is a real opportunity to get to know the other participants. The Good Sense will see you through from pregnancy to preschool but you're welcome to take your place whenever you're ready.