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What is white noise?

Updated: May 6, 2021

White noise gadgets and gizmos have begun to fill the baby equipment market in recent years, so what are they and why is white noise so special?

Why does white noise help to settle new-borns?

Just imagine coming from a tight, warm space, listening to the sound of your mother’s heart thumping day after day, her lungs working, her blood pumping, her digestive system doing its thing and the sound of her melodic voice all around you. All of sudden you find yourself in a room of hushed tones and chorus’ of ‘shhhh! Don’t wake the baby!’ before the unfamiliar silence returns.

We tend to tread on eggshells around our new-borns, but they really like noise! Not the toddler shouting down the stairs that he has done a poo type noise or Dad slamming the wardrobe door shut as he gathers his clothes in the morning type either, but the repetitive humming sounds often accompanied by a rhythmic beat.

This is where the gadgets and gizmos a plenty can be game changers! So many toys & apps are available now. My favourite is myHummy which has both a brilliant 12 hour standby option and a sleep sensor that plays again when it senses baby stirring- genius!

There are plenty of home remedies you can use to help sooth a baby who is struggling to settle. You could pop baby in a sling and whip the vacuum cleaner round! A clean house and a soothed baby, a win win for some. I put baby in an appropriate baby chair and place them in front of the spinning washing machine/tumble dryer whilst I eat biscuits and enjoy a hot cuppa, it works too!

So if you’re at your wits end and desperately seeking a way to sooth your unsettled newbie seek out some white noise and recreate that womb music, it makes Good Sense!

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