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From a traditional antenatal course or Hypnobirthing & pregnancy yoga to Doula services, Sleep support & baby classes! Whichever stage you're at, there is a place in one of our St Neots classes ready to welcome you.

The perfect gift

Family in the Kitchen


“Just finished the 5 week newborn know how baby class and I am so sad it has ended! I loved having a class once a week to enjoy with my new baby Eila and it was amazing to meet other mums. I learnt loads and after using all the tips and tricks taught I can say they really work and have made the first months of having a baby so much easier!"

- Sarah Jane

“I've just finished a 6 week intensive antenatal and hypnobirthing course with Nikki and it's been brilliant! As a second time mum with a five year old already, this has been a great refresher for the antenatal side of things. After a tough time with my birth first time around, it's given me confidence that I can have a great birth this time, armed with the knowledge, as well as the relaxation and breathing techniques I've learnt with Nikki.”

- Emma

"I am currently doing the antenatal classes with Nikki and I can only recommend her! She has really helped me and my partner get the necessary knowledge with complete objectivity and open mind. It was non judgmental and all options were mentioned. The lessons were honestly very interactive and very knowledgeable. But what I appreciated the most was her personal input, her personal stories which made me able to transpose myself in the situation when the time comes. Thank you Nikki!"

- Irene & Nick


Antenatal courses

Our sensible antenatal courses cover everything from stages of labour, C-sections, inductions and how to look after your new-born.


Led by a FEDANT accredited antenatal teacher we will discuss natural methods of pain relief including Hypnobirthing as well as gas & air, epidurals and everything in between. This isn't just education for drug free vaginal births, its about all births! Gain the knowledge to make informed decisions that suit your unique birth preferences and family. I want you to have an empowering, positive birth whatever that means for you.


 During our new-born care sessions we cover breast/chest, formula & combination feeding. Comprehensive, unbiased & affordable birth preparation because it makes Good Sense. 

If you're looking for pregnancy yoga in St Neots then look no further than Mother wit & movement. This unique pregnancy yoga class also teaches breathing techniques for labour as well as Hypnobirthing relaxation scripts that you can practise each week from12 weeks gestation right up to the birth of your baby. 

Baby Classes

Our range of baby classes are suitable from newborn.


We offer developmentally appropriate classes from The Tiny Village bonding with your baby and helping them discover the wider world & Baby massage includes colic massage, reflexology and a gentle introduction to sensory stimulation.

Sensateenies & Sensatots combines baby yoga, supporting physical milestone development, with  baby sensory stimulation.

We get gooey in taste safe messy play for Mess Makers specials, enjoying a whole new level of baby sensory play with textures, tastes and smells! All baby classes are held at Wintringham Primary Academy St Neots.

As a certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep consultant I'm always happy to chat during the social time of classes and offer you and your family broader support in your child's development.

Sleep support packages of various levels are available to purchase and conducted virtually.

Image by Dakota Corbin

Sleep Support

As a certified Sleepy Lambs sleep consultant, different to most other sleep consultants, the first step is never “sleep training.”  We use a variety of different approaches, and bespoke techniques based on your little one’s age, sleep challenge, temperament, and your parenting preferences. Tailored age appropriate support is available from birth to 6 years.


In addition to providing comprehensive, personalized antenatal education and fun developmentally appropriate baby classes, I also post helpful blogs for site visitors to enjoy and benefit from. Although nothing beats a face to face program, I hope you’ll find these resources helpful.

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